Next CPGO meeting

MEHITS hosts the next meeting of the Large Organizations Prevention Club (CPGO)


The meeting represents a useful exchange of experiences about safety and sustainability between important national and international companies operating in Italy. The conference is also an opportunity for sharing and debating on important issues such as application methodologies and above all studies about safety-related and sustainability experiences within large organizations.

These will be the key points of the meeting that will take place on Friday 21st June at Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems S.p.A (MEHITS) headquarters in Alpago (BL). It is the second meeting organized in 2019 by the Club of Prevention in Large Organizations (CPGO), a network that brings together EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) managers from large Italian or international organizations based in Italy, born within AIAS - Italian Professional Association for Environment and Safety.

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