New Calimala Hotel

From historic building to contemporary hotel


Thanks to a major refurbishment project, the historic Palace of Angels has been completely renovated and transformed into a 4-star hotel with a unique rooftop terrace and many exclusive amenities.On the top floor there is a bar and restaurant that is spread over an exclusive terrace of 400 m² with a 360-degree view of the city and its most distinctive monuments. Before the restoration, the terrace housed the mechanical and electrical facilities for the entire building and therefore the biggest challenge was to relocate them thus freeing valuable surface area. For this reason, the HVAC plant design was particularly daring. The air conditioning system is based on four Climaveneta NECS-N/ME/SL/S 0512 reversible air/water heat pumps with remote condenser. The units were selected in the super silent and high-efficiency version, to comply with all the installation constraints and the characteristics of a historic building protected by the Superintendence of Culture Heritage: minimal aesthetic impact, reduced sound emissions, and no CO2 emissions on site. The units were installed in a technical room in the basement, while the remote condensers were expertly hidden in special enclosure on the terrace, equipped with supply and return grids but virtually invisible to both to the eye and ear. The heat pumps provide temperature-controlled water to Mitsubishi Electric's VRF City Multi direct expansion system, also located in the basement, which air-conditions the hotel. The unique heat recovery system allows simultaneous heating and cooling, allowing each guest to independently adjust the temperature in their own room. The ClimaPRO control and optimization system ensures the perfect synergy between the heat pumps and the VRF system, maximizing both the energy efficiency of the system and the well-being of the guests of this unique hotel in the heart of beautiful Florence.

Hotel Calimala Roof Top Bar
HVAC System
Climaveneta branded heat pumps
Invisible remore condensers
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