UP Engineering 4.0 facility, Pretoria

Flexible and sustainable HVAC system by today’s engineers for tomorrow’s engineers


The iconic 6,800 m² new UP Engineering 4.0 facility of the University of Pretoria’s Experimental Farm campus is an expansion of the University of Pretoria’s Department of Civil Engineering, providing a new home for the Civil Engineering concrete and timber laboratories. Engineering 4.0 is comprised of a variety of spaces, each requiring different and room-specific design conditions. Furthermore, the architectural design intent involved mostly exposed services to align with the educational purposes of the facility. The HVAC system involves a central air-cooled chilled and hot water generation plant as the cooling and heating source, located at the ground level. It is based on 3 INTEGRA NECS-Q air source multi-purpose units, Climaveneta branded. Chilled water at 8°C and hot water at 50°C is circulated via a 4-pipe closed-loop piping system to a network of air handling units and fan coil units.

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