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MEHITS for Santa Caterina Museum in Treviso


The Santa Caterina complex is in the historic center of the beautiful city of Treviso. The complex, with a long and somewhat troubled history, consists of two adjacent buildings, whose construction began in 1346. Between 2015 and 2018 the most significant restoration work was completed, which transformed the old complex into one of the Treviso’s Civic Museums headquarters. Such a varied historical complex, with an exhibition of works of art to preserve, and various number of visitors throughout the year and week, needs a highly flexible air conditioning system. The location of the buildings, in the historic center, also requires a solution with reduced environmental and acoustic impact. The The HVAC system is based on two multipurpose NECS-WQ 0512 units, connected to two extraction wells. These units, Climaveneta branded, can simultaneously produce heating and cooling, allowing for example a room open to the public in the winter to be heated while maintaining a lower temperature suitable for the correct preservation of the works of art present, in other rooms. The water source multipurpose units, which have been installed in an internal technical room, do not produce any local CO2 emissions and minimum noise emissions, guaranteeing perfect comfort for visitors of the Santa Caterina Museum Complex.


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